Welcome to the Ruff Rd. blog.

This is where we will post news and developments.  We wanted to start with some questions that should be floating through your head while you are here.  We strive to be transparent and customer-focused to our best extent.  Thank you for taking the time to check out our products!  There are many more exciting things ahead!

Why Ruff Rd.?

This company and brand was founded on the gravel roads in Gretna, NE.  This is where we met up to run on the weekends and train.  This area provides a scenic and challenging landscape of rolling gravel and dirt roads for uninterrupted running.  We would train hard, have a blast, and accomplish big goals.   Our hopes are to inspire and equip you with anything that will help you reach your goals.

Why are you only selling to guys?

Once you read more about our patent pending Windsert technology, you will see why.  We believe we have a product positioned to the male segment and will launch playing our strengths.  As the mission statements states, we want to give you the best.  Once (hopefully) we see some stability, we will begin to research and develop sportswear designed for the female segment.

Why makes you an expert?

You can read the About Us page and get a feel for the story of the brand and influences behind it.  At the very core of it, you have one person who found running later than most and is grateful for the journey it has provided.  I am no expert, I have let my passion guide me and have been lucky enough reach some milestones along the way including, 7 100 mile face finishes, completing the Grand Slam of Ultramarathoning, and a handful of sub-3 hour marathons.  I hate patting myself on the back and will stop there.

More importantly, is that I have goals that have yet to be achieved that I am working towards.  The foremost being a UTMB finish and a sub 2:50 marathon as well.  Working towards these goals make me in expert in the dedication these goals demand.

$69.99 for shorts?

If there is anything you take away from this, please let it be this:  I am a runner, a consumer, and as price sensitive just like you.  Given production and start-up costs, this is where we arrived.   In business college, we were ingrained with the mantra to make decisions that are within the best interest of the shareholders.  I believe the customer to be the primary and foremost shareholder.  I will do everything in my power to make decisions within your best interest.  Your voice is critical; do not hesitate to contact us with issues.  Please leave a testimonial if you feel inspired.