Men's Running Shorts With Pockets

So what is this thing?  It covers my what?!  Cold weather runners know the situation all too well.  You look at the temperature and wind chill and make your running plans.  Once a wind-friendly route is chose, it’s time to start thinking about gear.  Some days it’s an easy decision, shorts or pants.  Most other days it’s a toss-up.  The purpose of the Windsert is to give you wider range of ‘acceptable shorts’ conditions.

Simply attach the Windsert into the lining pocket and affix to the Velcro and you are set.  If it gets  hot out, take it out, there are plenty of pockets to stash it.  Do you have a mountainous ultra-distance race coming up?  If you do, this option is perfect for the climbs as the temps start to drop.

Everyone has their own tolerance levels for acceptable short’s weather.  These shorts aren’t designed to withstand artic blasts.  They will help you in most other cases.

Does it work?  See for yourself.  Here are a couple post run shots on a cold sleeting day.  You can see the Windsert provided a barrier where ice started to build up!  These are a prototype pair, hence no labeling.  How these pictures transpired, I will leave to your imaginations.