How can something so easy as putting one foot in front of the other be so difficult?  Running is a sport, it is a lifestyle, it is a means of transportation, it is a therapeutic, among so many other things.  Yes, it is a physically demanding activity that makes you tired and sore.  It is construed as a punishment in other sports as well.  Who would actually want to do this for fun?  The answer is because the benefits far outweigh any of these perceptions.  I am not a doctor, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn last night so I will not provide scientific facts on the health benefits.  I will claim that running promotes a healthy lifestyle improving your biometrics such as blood pressure and cholesterol.  Running can also promote and sustain weight loss.  So in other words, if you run you can pretty much eat and drink what you want within a generous limit.   Psychologically, running can instill higher levels of focus and concentration.  It also can provide confidence and positivity as goals are accomplished.  So now that we covered the why, let’s look into how to start running.



If there is one thing you remember, let it be the next sentence.  Out of all of the things running can be, what it needs to be is a journey.  This activity is frustrating and exhausting to those who start mainly because they seek instant gratification want to be good immediately.  Yes, some folks are naturally talented and can just knock out a six mile run, no problem and don’t see why it is so hard.  I don’t like these people.  For the rest of us, our journey starts a mile at time.  Another very important key to success is consistency.  One caveat to this key is that it takes time to development consistency.  This is how the door to injury opens to overuse.  Running is a hard impact sport to your bones, and it can lead to overuse injuries fast.  The best way to avoid them is by following a tried and true running plan which we will cover next.



Maybe the best thing about running is goal setting.  With any distance or time to accomplish, you can set a baseline and work to improve it.  The best way to start running is by using a training plan.  There are beginner plans to help guide you through the proper training to prepare you.  They also teach the right amount of consistency for you stay training and injury free.  We recommend using Sage Running’s plans found here: There is a wide variety of plans to guide to success.  Training plans are the road map to setting your goals.  Your goals should be long term such as qualifying for Boston, and they also need to be short term in completing a week of training.  Be sure to make sure you are acknowledging and rewarding yourself for these.


Your first choice may be to dig out the old pair in the closet, this is fine for a few runs.  If you think you’re catching on, then you should definitely invest in a new pair.  There are so many shoes out there now it can be overwhelming.  Of course there are the good old brands that you know from other sports such as Nike and Adidas.  Then there are these running specific brands like Hoka One One and Altra.  The industry has embraced the improvements that new technology brings so it helps us stay on our feet longer.  The best way to figure out which pair is right for you is to make a trip to your local running store to have an expert analyze your gait to see which shoe is right for you.


Running outside in the natural elements and conditions is the best form of training.  If you live in a region with volatile weather and winter conditions, this can pose a challenge.  The key to running outdoors year-round is layering your clothing.  This means you start with a base layer and add on from there.  Everyone has their own tolerance on how cold or hot they like to run.  The general rule of thumb is to dress as if it is 10-20 degrees warmer than you would normally to go outside.  The main reason is to avoid over-heating once you get into the middle of the run.  For example, if it is 40 degrees out, I would wear a base layer on top with another long sleeve shirt along with a light hat and gloves.  Of course, I would also sport the 204’s seen here, with our patented Windsert wind brief placed in the short liner.  Keep in mind the longer 192s,, also have the same patented technology.  Our shorts were designed to help keep you running comfortably and prepared all year round.  When you learning the ‘how to start running’ basics, having the right gear from the start only helps make the journey much more enjoyable.


You know have the basics of how to start running.  Remember that this is journey that will take you places, unless you are on a treadmill.  Enjoy the challenges and accomplishments that will pour in.  Also, be sure to have fun!