Original Patent No. 10,463,085

It only took 10.5 million original ideas to keep your nuts warm.  It is now official!  The process of getting a patent takes at the minimum of three years and is quite rigorous.  The complexities are abundant, so much that it would be nearly impossible to successfully complete with the aid of an attorney specializing in patent law.  The Windsert now stands in a class of its own as an insertable windbrief that can be inserted for cold weather.  We have already explained it here: https://ruffrd.com/2017/03/09/the-windsert-explained/  So we won’t regurgitate again, even if it improves our blog ratings.

What does this mean?

This means that we are now able to license this ‘technology’ to other companies to use.  Just think of hiking pants, ski pants, bike shorts.. so many possibilitys!!!  What it really means is that you can take confidence in our shorts in that they are made and designed by actual runners.  The idea was cultivated through many bitter cold and windy runs here in Nebraska.  These were days where the temperature was in the single digits, and the wind was in the double digits.  These early morning weekend long runs and workouts where we wanted to push ourselves to our potential without the hinderance of pants or tights.

What you can expect

You can expect us to keep listening to what you say.  You can also expect us to keep grinding and put in the same work you do training.  We will also continue to focus on the value and quality of the products we provide.  Our unique pocket structure is a good example of the added value we provide.  This is another feature that was conceived through long runs requiring the nutrition to carry along.  The pockets are designed to provide minimal bounce and hassle so you can focus on the task at hand.  Overall, we will continue to do the research and provide meaningful benefits to you.  Happy training!