Disclaimer: This piece is not meant to add to hype or insinuate falsehoods.  It is merely some suggestions based off common sense.  No research was done and credibility is debatable.  The underlying motives are simply to get you to consider purchasing a pair of our awesome shorts.


So your company has now mandated you work from for 2 weeks.  Your routine of going to the gym could also be in jeopardy as well.  Self-quarantine now almost seems confining like a white-collar prison.  All those snacks you bought in bulk are not going to make it the 2 weeks and it’s only day 3.  You turn to Youtube and crank out 8 minute abs… but maybe you fast forward a few minutes.  When you are out of routine, your diet will take a hit.  That’s fine, but since you are out of routine, why not consider some experimenting?  It’s not as fun as the experimenting you did in college, but it could be the silver lining of this pandemic.

There is one simple and very effective exercise you can do, running!  The immediate benefit is that you get the hell out of the house/apartment!  Running will abide to the social distancing guidelines.  Just don’t chase, spit, and/or cough on anyone else, and you’re golden.  Do you have a nagging wife/partner..?  Go for a run!  You will be amazed how it will melt the stress and frustration right off.

Just get out the door and don’t go too fast or too far.  Refer to this post: https://ruffrd.com/2019/10/11/how-to-start-running/ on how to start for some guidance.  Hopefully, that first run leaves pleasantly exhausted and flooded with endorphins.  You can also consider heading over here: https://ruffrd.com/product/192s/ to pick up a pair of our shorts for more runs.  We think the 192s are perfect to start with.

In this time of uncertainty, please be kind and use your goddam brain when making decisions.  Provide levity when you can, but only if you’re naturally funny.  Remember, there can be false information posted on social media and the internet.  Try not to get consumed by it, go for a run instead!