Goals are motivating forces that drive us. As we achieve these benchmarks, goals get more aggressive. What starts as, “I want to run a marathon” eventually augments to, “I want a marathon in set amount of time.” This is in essence the journey that we choose to explore within the sport. Gratefulness is the impetus of this inception. It’s about reflecting back from where you started and recognizing the people and experiences that have brought you to where you are now. This idea was fostered through a group pushing each other to reach their goals. It is rare to find and there is a bond that drives us to extend beyond our comfort zone. The progression in one’s ability inspires us to be grateful and look at things in a different light. This thinking is the foundation of the products we offer. It is through our experiences and work that we have identified needs that our products are meeting. It was only a matter of a different way of thinking that inspired the idea.



Our mission

Our mission is to help others achieve their best by giving them the best. This mission is a goal or a vision. Using a word like ‘best’ is audacious and bold. Will we be the best out of gate? Probably not. Will there be obstacles and mistakes? Certainly. What we will promise is that we will listen your voice and find effective ways to meet your needs.


Why Ruff Rd? This is one of the roads along the countryside in Nebraska where the product was conceived. It started as a group of dedicated athletes who met to train out in the country roads.


In fair skepticism, you should be asking, “Why should I trust you?” Our runners are committed, passionate, accomplished, and above all respectful. Such accomplishments include sub 2:35 and 2:25 marathons, sub hour 25 hour Leadville Trail 100 mile run, 25 minute 8K times, and finishing the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. We keep challenging ourselves to progress and hope to add more to this list.